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About us

Čeknito is the first website interested in video records in Slovakia. We started our first activities at the year 2006 and in the short time we came with the new area of internet entertainment. We call ourself a videoportal , at your first sight you understand why.

Our priority is the video and that´s why we became so favorite. You can publish almost all videos, according to the existing categories on our portal, you place the videos you find interesting, funny, or just the videos you want to show to others.

You can rate the shown videos, you can add your comments also. Ceknito is updated continuelly, which means we still upgrade it´s capacity. You can add your video and continuosly folow the category you find as the most favorite.

We are glad to see, that the community of users is expanding day by day. Thanks to you and your choise we are creating the biggest videoportal in Slovakia.

So, don´t hesitate and show us your video!